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In search of the elusive job.

So, I was recently required to make portfolios for both animation and concept art, my two so-called areas of expertise. I thought I would share the demo reel from my concept portfolio.

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Among the (barely) alive.

To everyone that even remembers me- here I am. These past two years have been challenging, both academically and personally. A few people, surprisingly enough, have cared to knock me upside the head now and then to make sure I'm still breathing. So for those few that can recall my name, or are curious to see what an animation major does at SCAD, here's a little update.

These images will be arranged as old(left)--->new(right).

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I've recently started production of my senior film, and I only have a little time left before I graduate in August. There's a lot more art for me to post, not to mention I've been meaning to revive my LJ for a long time now, so hopefully I can start to make weekly posts...

Eh, at the least, I'll make a better effort than none-at-all.
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Should I be offended or flattered?

My Life Drawing professor initially assumed I had traced my drawing of the human skeleton instead of free-handing it from our example image because it was "too perfect." You can't just throw that word around at a SCAD student. We freak right the fuck out.

I stood there for a full minute just mouthing, "...what?" on repeat while I tried to refrain from wetting myself. Classic.
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Principles of Screen Design wants YOU.

Remember what it's like to have free time? Yea, me neither. I have a cameraless film animation due on Tuesday, and I'm having trouble deciding what song I want to sync with. So, pick for my indecisive ass!

I want to use an OverClocked FF7 ReMix track, but I'm torn between four choices. Keep in mind that you're not choosing based on which song, or even which original song, is your favorite, but rather what you think would make the best animation based on rhythms and visual impacts. Refer to the aforementioned example to understand better.

You may download the zip of songs here.

Poll #1263009 cameraless film animation soundtrack

Which OC FF7 remix rocks your cock?

Beginning of the End (Birth of a God)
Black Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)
JENOVA Celestial (J-E-N-O-V-A)
Lunatic Moon (Red XIII's Theme ~ Cosmo Canyon)

Comments? Critiques? Cocks?