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'cause the past is over

and the future's far away

when our hearts collide
u n t i l   m y   d a y   i s   d o n e ;
i m m o r a l ; adjective. 1)violating principles of right and wrong. 2)not adhering to ethical or moral principles. 3)characterized by wickedness.

f r i e n d i n g ; this journal is semi-friends only. please read, then comment on, this post.

g r a p h i c s ; version 11 was created using photoshop 7 and features sora and riku of kingdom hearts. all icons were made by me unless otherwise specified by another's username. my resources are listed here.

s p o k e n ; layout quotes are from various scenes between sora and riku in kingdom hearts 2. profile lyrics are taken from "til kingdom come," by coldplay.
y o u ' l l   c o m e   &   s e t   m e   f r e e ;
Beth. Senior illustrator / 2D animator / character designer at Floyd County Productions for FX channel's Archer and other animated studio projects, in Atlanta, GA. Previously, I was employed as the Lead Artist for Kin Valley, LLC.

This journal, though seldom updated, is mostly used to display my art and random tidbits of fandom that occasionally tickle my fancy. My mouth and interests sometimes tip the nc-17 meter, so proceed at your own discretion. Homo roams free range around these parts.
s a y   y o u ' l l   w a i t   f o r   m e ;
p o r t f o l i o ; rushrush.net
d e v i a n t a r t ; offcolor
f a c e b o o k ; offcolor
t u m b l r ; offcolored
s o u n d t r a c k s ; axel/roxas
f i c t i o n ; archive ; recommendations

2d animation, alan rickman, american dad, animating at 4am, animation, archer, avengers, ayano yamane, bob's burgers, boys love, bump of chicken, cap + shellhead, captain america, cartoons, chopstick shadow puppetry, coffee, comic books, copulating randomly, dante's inferno, doujinshi, drawing, drive-by fondling, eating your fandom, eunuchs and rum jokes, exploiting commodious terminology, eyepatch mercenaries, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, fiona apple, florence + the machine, floyd county productions, fondling fictional characters, fornication, freakazoid, fruitcake samurai, gaming, ghosts, giving everyone shit, gorillaz, gun toting monks, humping without any discretion, icon making, illustration, imogen heap, inducing mass hysteria, iron man, j-rock/pop/indie, japanese and korean food, joe madureira, johnny depp, kazuya minekura, kingdom hearts, kink, law and order, lethal dosages of wasabi, licking active powerlines, little boots, love mode, manga, marvel comics, merry, obscenely bathing in soy, oldschool outdated fandoms, opencanvas, penis, perfecting cynicism, pillaging island villages, pirates of the caribbean, pirates that snog blacksmiths, ravishing conquered townspeople, reading, robert downey jr., saiyuki, scad animators, see you space cowboy, severus snape, severus snape's slippery snake, sex in amusing orifices, sherlock holmes, shounen ai, slash, sleep, smut, square-enix, sterling archer, storms, studio ghibli, suikoden, supernatural, sushi, t.m.revolution, takanori nishikawa, tetsuya nomura, the colbert report, the daily show, the soup, the watchmen, tosh.0, utada hikaru, venture brothers, video games, web design, x-men, xemnas spells mansex!, yaoi, yo ho ho, your mother